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About Us

The healthcare system isn’t easy to navigate. Patients head to the ER for non-emergent visits because they simply don’t know where else to go. It’s confusing patients and contributing to high wait times in the hospital. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Patients deserve more than high wait times and overcrowded ER waiting rooms. They deserve to be seen quickly with high-touch care that helps them get back to their day fast.

At Modern Urgent Care, we believe your time is valuable – and you shouldn’t have to waste it waiting hours in the ER for an appointment that could only take 30 minutes.

That’s why we’re dedicated to raising the bar on patient care so that you can get the quality attention you need in minutes, not hours. From cold and flu symptoms to lacerations, to many other needs, we’ll get you seen and cared for fast – while giving you the time and attention to ensure all your concerns are addressed.

Our goal is to transform our patient’s experience