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Modern Urgent Care Lab Results

If you require lab testing, Modern Urgent Care has you covered. We offer efficient laboratory testing that delivers results in a timely manner. Continue reading for more information on what we offer at all three of our clinic locations.

What Tests We Offer

Urgent care provides several tests for patients. These tests can be done whether your doctor ordered them, you are experiencing symptoms, or you’d like to check in on your health.

Blood Work Panels

If you visited an urgent care clinic because you aren’t feeling well, your doctor may order a blood panel to help pinpoint what’s wrong. Modern Urgent Care offers blood lab tests, including a complete blood count (CBC).

A CBC test uses a blood sample from your arm and looks at the breakdown of your blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. A CBC often determines the presence of bacterial infections, vitamin deficiencies, viruses or allergies, helping doctors provide targeted treatment.

Walk-In STD and STI Testing

Modern Urgent Care also offers safe and secure STD and STI testing. If you are concerned about your current symptoms, we provide walk-in testing in the following forms:

  • Rapid testing: Our rapid testing can get you results within 30 minutes for gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. An essential benefit of rapid tests is that they allow us to determine the diagnosis and start treatment that same day.
  • Overnight results: We can take a sample and send it to Quest for testing for more complex STDs or STIs. We will notify you as soon as we know the results.

Point-Of-Care Testing

Our point-of-care (POC) testing provides rapid and reliable results for acute infections, including:

  • COVID-19: For COVID-19 testing, a swab sample is taken of the back of your nostrils.
  • Mono: Testing for mono requires a small finger prick for IgM antibodies.
  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): Doctors often perform RSV POC testing through a mouth swab or blood test to determine the presence of a virus.
  • Strep throat: To identify strep throat, a doctor will swab your throat and test the sample for bacteria. 

Your results are usually sent within four hours of being swabbed. Modern Urgent Care will send your results via email to the email indicated during registration. Sometimes, results are sent but redirected to junk or spam folders. We ask you to check these folders before contacting Modern Urgent Care.

Receive Efficient Lab Results at Modern Urgent Care

Modern Urgent Care can be your one-stop solution for all laboratory testing. Book an appointment online or walk into any of our clinics today.

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