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Minor Eye Injuries/Irritations

Minor eye injuries occur often in daily life. In the United States, there are estimated to be 2.5 million eye injuries every year. Foreign objects in the eye, eye pain, and eye redness are a few of the most typical minor eye injuries that are treated in urgent care settings. 

There are numerous potential causes of foreign bodies in the eyes, including grit, dust, and even minute metal particles. An object in the eye can cause redness, discomfort, tears, and light sensitivity as symptoms. Untreated foreign bodies can seriously harm the eye and even impair vision.

Allergies, infections, and trauma are just a few of the reasons that might result in eye pain and redness. It’s crucial to get medical help as soon as you can if you have discomfort or redness in your eyes. These symptoms may occasionally be a signal of a more serious illness, including glaucoma or a corneal ulcer.

Healthcare professionals will conduct a comprehensive examination while treating minor eye injuries in an urgent care setting in order to ascertain the etiology of the injury. The removal of a foreign body, the use of eye drops or ointments, or referral to an ophthalmologist for additional examination and treatment are all possible treatments, depending on the seriousness of the injury.

In conclusion, it’s critical to seek medical assistance right away if you feel any signs of a foreign body in the eye, such as eye pain or redness. When these symptoms are treated quickly, more eye damage can be avoided. These symptoms may indicate a more serious problem.