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Animal Bite Treatment

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, yet even the most devoted friend can occasionally turn against us. Millions of incidents of animal bites are reported each year in the United States alone, making them a widespread occurrence. The wounds inflicted can be unpleasant, hazardous and even life-threatening — whether it is a playful nip from a cherished pet or a more serious attack from a stray animal. 

Types of Animal Bites Needing Treatment

Generally, you should have any animal bite that breaks the skin looked at. Bites can include any wound from a wild animal or a family pet — including scratches from claws. Overall, dog and cat bites make up 95% of all bite wounds seen in urgent care settings.

Types of Bug Bites Needing Treatment

Many bugs can produce bites that itch and cause rashes. If your injury is infected or begins to spread, seek treatment from urgent care.

Urgent care can treat your bug bites, including bites and stings from:

  • Fleas
  • Bedbugs
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bees

If you get bit by more dangerous insects — like a black widow spider, brown recluse spider or a scorpion — seek emergency treatment immediately.

Dog Bite Puncture Wound Treatment Options

The nature and degree of your damage, your wound’s location and your general condition all affect how an animal bite wound is treated. Our treatment options consist of:

  • Cleaning and dressing of the wound: The first step in treating an animal bite wound is to clean and dress the wound. A medical professional will safely clean your wound with soap and water and remove any debris or foreign items. After that, your wound will be covered with sterile bandages or other supplies to keep it tidy and safe.
  • Antibiotics: It is possible to treat or prevent illness with antibiotics — which may be administered orally, through an injection or with an IV — depending on the severity of your wound.
  • Tetanus shot: You could require a tetanus shot to avoid tetanus infection if you haven’t had one in the previous five to 10 years. Modern Urgent Care offers tetanus shots for updated medical records.
  • Suturing: Your incision may occasionally be sutured to speed healing and lessen scarring.
  • Pain relief: We may provide medication for non-narcotic pain management and to treat discomfort and edema.
  • Follow-up care: A doctor may require follow-up care to keep an eye out for indications of infection or other complications. These appointments could involve administering first-aid, managing medications and making other necessary measures.

Animal Bite Clinics in Ceres, Stockton and Manteca, California

Modern Urgent Care sites have the resources necessary to treat a variety of wounds, including those caused by animal bites. We possess the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to offer you timely and efficient care, reducing the risk of infections, scarring and other consequences.

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