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Chlamydia Treatment

Taking care of your sexual health is a significant part of caring for your entire well-being. However, for many people, sexual health topics such as STDs are sensitive. Modern Urgent Care can help you take control of your health while protecting your privacy.

Can I Go to Urgent Care for Chlamydia?

Even if you take precautions with your sexual health, it’s ideal for you to undergo STD testing at least once every three to twelve months. Going to urgent care for STDs is an excellent choice, as these clinics are less expensive than hospitals or private offices. They also commonly offer flexible office times so you can undergo testing on your schedule.

Can Urgent Care Treat Chlamydia?

Undergoing testing for a sexually transmitted illness is typically something most people prefer not to be public knowledge. They may not want to ask their primary care physician to test them and choose to go to a more discreet location instead.

Modern Urgent Care offers private and convenient testing options that are extremely thorough. Our doctors will start by assessing the symptoms. We may ask you a few questions about your symptoms before performing a physical exam. Individuals assigned female at birth may receive a pelvic exam, while individuals assigned male at birth undergo a genital exam. Our providers will also check for symptoms like blisters and pimples as they perform the examination.

To confirm which sexually transmitted disease you may have or to rule out other illnesses, we may need to collect samples. Depending on the disease we are testing for, our doctors may draw a small amount of blood or take a urine sample. Additionally, we may swab the throat and genital regions.

After taking all necessary samples, we will send them to our on-site laboratory for processing. Most test results come back in as little as 30 minutes, and from there, we can start treatment on the same day to help you get back to feeling your best faster.

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Take care of your entire well-being when you visit Modern Urgent Care. Our team is happy to be your partner in navigating the medical space, and we strive to make each visit to our clinics as seamless as possible. To schedule an appointment for urgent care STD testing near Central Valley, California, or to explore our range of services, we invite you to book an appointment with us today.

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