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Hepatitis B and C Testing and Treatment

Symptoms of hepatitis B or C do not always show. As a result, a large number of people are unknowingly living with hepatitis B or C and not getting necessary treatment.

A person with hepatitis B or C can develop mild symptoms that might later advance into a lifelong condition. Living with long-term hepatitis B or C can pose a serious threat to health as they are both major causes of liver cancer. If you think you may have hepatitis B or C, it’s best to get screened right away.

What Causes Hepatitis B or C?

Hepatitis B can spread through unprotected sex and needle sharing. Hepatitis C can spread through exposure to an infected person’s blood or transmitted through unprotected sex.

Hepatitis Tests

Your health care provider may order the following tests to screen for these viruses:

  • Hepatitis B: To test for this virus, you may take a hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody (HBsAg) test. Further blood tests can determine the stage of the infection.
  • Hepatitis C: An HVC antibody test will check for any hepatitis C antibodies. If you receive a positive result, an HVC RNA test can confirm whether there is an active infection. 

Do I Need to Fast for a Hepatitis Blood Test? 

There is no need to fast before taking your blood test. While no special preparation is needed, it’s important to inform your health care provider about any medication you take, both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

How Long Does It Take to Get Hepatitis Test Results?

At Modern Urgent Care, we provide an overnight diagnostic test for hepatitis B and a rapid hepatitis C test in Central Valley, California. Once we’ve received your blood sample, you’ll be able to see your results the next day. Our team will send your sample for testing to Quest and let you know as soon as your results are ready. We’re committed to offering you peace of mind with quick test results.

Get Tested at Modern Urgent Care

Modern Urgent Care is dedicated to raising the bar so that patients get the care they need fast. That’s why we provide overnight hepatitis B and C test results. With quick screening, you can be proactive about your health and begin treatment if needed right away. Experience fast screening for hepatitis C or B — book an appointment today! 

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