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Trichomoniasis Treatment in Central Valley, California

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection that is lesser known but extremely common, especially among individuals assigned female at birth. If you want to test for trichomoniasis or have recently engaged in sexual activity with someone with trichomoniasis, Modern Urgent Care is an excellent option for fast and convenient testing while remaining discreet.

Testing for Trichomoniasis

Most people with trichomoniasis do not experience any symptoms, making it essential to test yourself regularly to avoid spreading it to others. If symptoms do form, they can manifest as severe inflammation or milder irritation. Individuals assigned male at birth with a trichomoniasis diagnosis may experience:

  • Itching or burning sensations from inside their penis
  • A burning sensation when peeing
  • Discharge from the penis

Individuals assigned female at birth may notice symptoms such as:

  • Vaginal discharge that is white or yellow
  • Pain when peeing
  • Itching or burning sensation in genitals

To test for trichomoniasis, our doctors will perform an exam on the genitals before taking samples of vaginal fluid or a swab from inside the penis. From these samples, our doctors will perform testing using our on-site laboratory to determine a trichomoniasis diagnosis and decide if additional testing is necessary. Our doctors may also test for other STDs to ensure we can offer the most effective treatment possible.

Urgent Care STI Trichomoniasis Treatment

Trichomoniasis treatment consists of an oral antibiotic that effectively reduces your risk of infection. Depending on your symptoms, our doctor may recommend one large or multiple antibiotic doses. If your doctor recommends a megadose, you will only take these medications once. If our doctors recommend multiple doses, you may need to take pills two times a day for a week. To ensure this lower dose is effective, you should take it as prescribed for the full seven days.

To prevent reinfection, you and your sex partner need to start treatment at the same time. As you complete treatment, you will also have to avoid sex to prevent reinfection. Typically, patients can resume their sexual activities a week after taking the last dose of their antibiotic. If you still have symptoms after treatment, we advise you to return to our clinic.

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