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Professional Ear Wax Removal

Modern Urgent Care offers professional ear wax removal to ensure your ears stay clean and healthy. Removing ear wax is a routine and important treatment that may be performed quickly and safely at our urgent care facility using ear lavage. To prevent any issues or harm to the sensitive ear canal, it is crucial to seek professional assistance while removing ear wax.

What Is Impacted Ear Wax?

The body naturally produces cerumen, also referred to as ear wax, to shield the ear canal from dirt, dust and other foreign objects. However, an excessive wax buildup can be uncomfortable and can impair hearing. 

Ear wax removal is important in certain circumstances, especially for the risk of impacted ear wax. When this excessive buildup happens, using a cotton swab can cause the wax to lodge inside the ear, leading to severe complications.

Through a procedure known as ear lavage, urgent care facilities provide a secure and efficient method for removing ear wax. 

Ear Wax Blockage Symptoms

Many people aren’t aware that ears can naturally clean themselves — this is where ear wax comes from. However, some individuals produce more ear wax than others due to genetic factors or preexisting conditions.

You may be experiencing an ear wax blockage if:

  • You have constant earaches.
  • There is a feeling of fullness in your ear.
  • You are hard of hearing in one ear.
  • You consistently hear ringing in one ear.
  • Your ear itches or is painful.

Get Professional Ear Cleaning at Modern Urgent Care

Modern Urgent Care uses a mild and non-invasive treatment called ear lavage to safely remove excess ear wax in the ear canal using a liquid solution. This procedure is preferable over others that risk damaging the ear canal by pushing the earwax deeper within, including ear candling or using cotton swabs.

To ensure the greatest level of comfort and safety, ear lavages are performed by our skilled specialists using specific tools and methods. Patients can immediately resume their regular activities after the quick and painless operation. 

Benefits of Professional Ear Cleaning

Your ears are very sensitive and control many bodily factors besides hearing, such as your balance. Because of how delicate your ears are, it is best to leave the cleaning to the professionals. By getting professional ear cleaning, you can:

  • Reduce damage: You can’t easily see inside your ears alone, and attempting to clean them can worsen things. Skilled specialists know how to properly clean your ears without damaging your eardrum or other inner structures.
  • Improve hearing: Ear wax can be thick and obstruct your ability to hear properly. You may not even recognize how muffled your hearing is until after the blockages are removed.
  • Prevent infections: Because ear wax is the ear’s natural way of cleaning itself, it is full of bacteria. When it’s lodged in the ear for too long, infections can develop as your body tries to fight off the excess ear wax. Keeping your ear canal clear and healthy can significantly reduce the chance of an ear infection.

Ear Wax Removal Clinic in California’s Central Valley

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