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Ear Lavage Procedure

Modern Urgent Care provides ear irrigation for patients in Central Valley, California. Also called ear lavage, this impacted ear wax removal technique is considered the safest option for removing excess wax from the sensitive ear canal. Ear lavage uses water to gently flush excess ear wax from the canal.

Learn more about our professional ear wax removal services and why we recommend the ear lavage procedure. 

What Is an Ear Wax Blockage?

For most people, earwax is helpful. This natural lubricant moisturizes your ears and protects them from dust and other harmful objects. Despite these benefits, earwax can build and block the ear canal, causing itchiness, hearing loss or discomfort. Cerumen impaction is the medical term used for this often uncomfortable condition. 

Ear wax blockage can have a variety of causes:

  • Above-average earwax production
  • Excessive ear hair
  • Wearing hearing aids, earbuds or earplugs
  • Using cotton swabs

How Do Doctors Flush Out Ear Wax?

If your ears are blocked by wax, it’s essential to seek professional medical help rather than take matters into your own hands. The ear canal is fragile and prone to damage if not treated properly.

At Modern Urgent Care, we perform a quick and effective ear wax removal technique called ear lavage or ear irrigation. This process is safe and involves several steps:

  1. Examination: Our medical team will use an instrument called an otoscope, or ear scope, to examine the opening of your ear. This will help us determine if an ear wax blockage is the cause of your symptoms.
  2. Preparation: In some cases, we may use ear wax drops to soften hardened ear wax.
  3. Flushing the ear: Ear lavage uses warm water or a water-saline solution to flush the ear canal. This process loosens ear wax from the canal wall and flushes it out. We will catch the water and debris in a container positioned below your ear.

Ear irrigation usually takes only a few minutes to perform. While lavage can cause slight pressure when the water enters your ear, it’s considered one of the safest ear wax removal procedures when performed by a medical professional.

Other Tools for Impacted Ear Wax Removal

Removing ear wax at home is never recommended. You may end up pushing the wax farther down. You can also damage the sensitive ear canal wall or injure the eardrum. At Modern Urgent Care, we prefer the ear lavage method. Other ear wax removal tools health care professionals may use include:

  • Microsuction ear wax removal: This process involves a specialized suction tube designed for ears to remove excess wax.
  • Cerumen spoons: This scoop-like tool is a medical curette used to clean ear wax from the ear canal.
  • Ear forceps: This instrument can grab and remove large pieces of ear wax.

Find Effective Ear Irrigation Services in Central Valley, California

If you’re struggling to hear or experiencing ear discomfort, ear wax buildup could be the cause. Modern Urgent Care offers safe ear lavage services at all three locations in California’s Central Valley — Ceres, Stockton and Manteca. Schedule your appointment for professional ear cleaning today.