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HPV Testing and Treatment

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection (STI). In most cases, HPV can go away without treatment, but some forms can cause genital warts and cancer. For these reasons, it’s important to get screened for HPV.

What Causes HPV?

HPV is transmitted through sexual contact. While there are over 100 kinds of HPV, a person can contract one of over 40 variations through sex. Not all sexually transmitted HPV types result in serious health risks.

HPV Symptoms 

While HPV does not always show symptoms, warts and certain cancers can be symptoms of an HPV strain.


Warts vary depending on the type of HPV virus. In most cases, your body will fight back against the virus before any warts form.

A person can contract genital warts through sexually transmitted HPV. These warts look like cauliflower and can appear on the vulva, cervix or in the vagina. They can also appear near the anus of men and women. In men, these warts show up on the penis and scrotum. 


The most common HPV-related cancer is cervical cancer. Other types of cancer are rare, but in some cases, a person can develop anal, penile, vaginal or vulvar cancer due to HPV. 

How to Get HPV Testing for Men and Women

For a woman to receive an HPV diagnosis, a health care provider will administer a pap test. Pap tests involve swabbing the cervix or vagina to gather samples. This test can check for abnormal cells that could potentially develop into cancer. In addition to a pap test, your health care provider may suggest a DNA test if you are older than 30. This test examines the DNA of cervix cells to determine if cancer-causing HPV strains are present.

Currently, there is no FDA-approved test to diagnose HPV in men, but doctors may administer an anal pap test.

Get Screened at Modern Urgent Care

At Modern Urgent Care in California’s Central Valley, there’s no need to book an appointment for an HPV test. We offer walk-in HPV testing in Stockton, Manteca and Ceres. We will send your samples to Quest to determine your results and get back to you the next day with your screening results. 

HPV is a prevalent STI, and it’s important to safeguard your health by getting screened. Modern Urgent Care is here to provide fast results for peace of mind and quicker treatment if needed. Visit one of our walk-in centers or schedule an appointment today! 

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