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What Is the Difference Between a Sports Physical and an Annual Physical? 

Physicals are an important part of staying healthy throughout the year. Two types of physicals that you may hear about are sports physicals and annual physicals. These appointments allow your physician to focus on a few key elements of your health and wellness to ensure you are in the best shape possible.

Sports Physical vs. Annual Physical: Is There a Difference?

While both types may share some similarities, there are a few key distinctions between a sports physical and an annual physical. 

What Is a Sports Physical? 

Sports physicals are typically required before you start playing a sport. Whether you are interested in playing baseball or track and field, a sports physical offers an effective way to assess your current fitness level and how healthy you are. During this appointment, a physician will asses a few different areas, ranging from your family medical history to your current height and weight. 

The health care provider may also review any past injuries or concerns and will most likely take heart rate and blood pressure readings. The results from these tests and questions will help the physician determine whether it’s safe for you to participate in the sport. 

What Is an Annual Physical?  

During an annual visit, physicians will take a more comprehensive look at your health. This visit, which can also be called an annual physical or a well visit, can include everything from a general health assessment to social and mental health reviews. Instead of just looking at your ability to safely play a specific sport, these visits cover immunizations, lab work and proper development. 

This appointment also allows your physician to go over current health concerns and any preventive measures that could be beneficial.

Modern Urgent Care’s Sports Physicals

Are you or your child planning to join a sports team this upcoming year? Modern Urgent Care offers pre-participation physical exams to get you ready. Unlike crowded ER waiting rooms, we are set up to see patients fast. You’ll be seen by emergency-trained providers who are committed to delivering each patient the time and attention they deserve.

Ready to Schedule Your Physical?

If you’re getting ready to join a new sports team, now’s the perfect time to start preparing for and completing your physical. Modern Urgent Care offers comprehensive sports physicals to help athletes prepare to perform at their best — and healthiest. 

Schedule your sports physical today to get started.

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